The Erchonia FX 635 Laser is a noninvasive, pain-free therapy used to reduce pain, accelerate healing and increase mobility.

How does the FX 635 laser therapy work?

The low level laser technology reduces inflammation, while promoting bio-stimulations at a cellular level. Patients gain relief from chronic pain by altering cellular function, the laser increases cell energy and reduces oxidative stress, improving cell metabolism and allowing patients to heal quickly.

Erchonia FX635

Laser Therapy For Back Pain.

The FX 635 laser has been proven, through multiple clinical trials, to be a safe and effective therapy for the treatment of chronic low back pain. Trials revealed the results of the laser far exceeded that of NSAIDS and opioids, without the adverse side effects, or potential for addiction.

The First And Only Low Level Laser To Be FDA Market Cleared For Chronic Low Back Pain.

Results revealed participants of a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, parallel group, multi-center clinical trial displayed a 58% pain reduction at their 2-month follow-up evaluation.

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Laser Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis And Heel Pain.

Relieve the pain and inflammation of the heel associated with plantar fasciitis. Proven to effectively treat the painful condition of plantar fasciitis, laser technology can reduce inflammation and eliminate pain in the plantar fascia, quickly improving walking comfort and reducing pain.

Is Low Level Laser Treatment Safe?

To provide the best therapies possible, one of the modalities we utilize is low level laser treatment. Laser therapy uses the healing power of light to provide an alternative solution to medication and surgery, without the accompanying side-effects. Since 1967, more than 2,500 studies have been conducted on the safety and effectiveness of low-level laser technology. Many of these studies attest to its reliability in treating these conditions and recommend the treatment as a preferred non-invasive technique.